4th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting 2015
Offering our customers the knowledge and connections for a profitable business
  • Geoffroy Bessaud

    Geoffroy Bessaud Sanofi

  • Ravi Kalyanaraman

    Ravi Kalyanaraman Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)

  • Lynda Scammell

    Lynda Scammell MHRA

  • Wendy Greenall

    Wendy Greenall Pfizer

  • Conor Dufrain

    Conor Dufrain U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • Ulrike Kreysa

    Ulrike Kreysa GS1 Global Office, Healthcare

  • Mike Isles

    Mike Isles European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM)

  • Benoit Goyens

    Benoit Goyens World Customs Organization

  • Sultan Dajani

    Sultan Dajani Royal Pharamaceutical Society

  • Pipasha Biswas

    Pipasha Biswas Symogen

  • Mark Davison

    Mark Davison Blue Sphere Health

  • Christophe Bureau

    Christophe Bureau Stevanato Group

  • Nigel Banfield

    Nigel Banfield OCS Checkweighers (GS1 Solution Provider)

  • Steve Simpson

    Steve Simpson Xerox

  • Richard Freudenberg

    Richard Freudenberg European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC)

  • Stephen Wilkins

    Stephen Wilkins Child-Safe Packaging Group

  • Franklin Apfel

    Franklin Apfel World Health Communication Associates

  • Chris Doyle

    Chris Doyle Genshone Transformation

  • Jose Henrique Vasi Werner

    Jose Henrique Vasi Werner Dannemann Siemsen

  • Gillian Lennard

    Gillian Lennard European Regulatory Solutions

  • Phil Lewis

    Phil Lewis UK Anti Counterfeiting Group

08th & 09th September 2015, The Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Lane, London, UK

“Competences to Combat Counterfeits”

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Where’s the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting technologies market heading? Counterfeit medicines issue is creating a growing threat to patients in every part of the world, with increasing numbers in Europe and the USA. Customs department in every part of the world are finding more and more illegally produced drugs in day-to-day life. Medicines are increasingly sold via the Internet making it much easier to put counterfeits into spread. According to a report t is predicted that the global anti-counterfeit packaging market in food and pharmaceuticals is forecasted to attain market value of $142.7 billion by 2020 from $57.4 billion in 2013, growing at 13.9% CAGR during 2013 to 2020’

The wake-up call is that counterfeits REMAIN a SERIOUS THREAT AND GETTING BIGGER while the industry and various stakeholders are mobilizing on their sides for a serious battle. This conference will gather government bodies, pharmaceutical companies and solution and technology providers to discuss the in-depth insights into the strategies and cutting edge technologies for pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting.

It gives us immense pleasure in welcoming you to “4th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting 2015 – “Competences to Combat Counterfeits”


  • Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Security in EU and USA: government policies & strategies
  • Fighting the fakes - Discovering successful business models – Opportunities & Challenges
  • Develop strategies for using the latest technology throughout your supply chain
  • Pharma Anti Counterfeiting market trends – Where we are and where are we heading?
  • Serialization, Track & Trace & further: Crossing your barriers; identify and develop your solutions
  • Discuss your serialization, track and trace, and brand protection programs with peers at this interactive session
  • SAP Track & Trace: Turning total compliance into a supply chain value plan
  • Improve consumer trust by utilizing authentication technologies and educate the public
  • Preventing counterfeits with new technologies and information management to achieve efficiency in packaging operations
  • Maximizing brand protection through effective packaging and labeling
  • Plan for your most pressing security concerns
  • Risk management plan – Protecting your product
  • Effective drug packaging design and technologies enhancing product efficiency, patient and health personnel security, compliance, ease of use
  • Establish robust pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy to protect product and brand revenue
  • Monitor the internet effectively to combat cybercrime and illegal online pharmacies
  • Assess the current technology landscape and identify the right solution for your needs
  • How to successfully cope up enterprise-level and online data? Security and reliability
  • Include anti-counterfeiting in your business plan in order to secure product and supply chain safety in your company
  • Law is changing – Keep yourself updated - Analysing and complying with recent legislative and regulatory developments
  • Lead successful diversion and grey market investigations by overcoming investigative barriers
  • How the FBI is currently addressing intellectual property crime and partnering with U.S. government agencies?
  • Online brand protection and IP infringement
  • Network in our combined exhibition and catering area
  • Evening networking reception for all attendees


  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Brand – protection, enforcement, security, integrity and management companies
  • Drug regulatory agencies, customs and police
  • Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) involved in healthcare and IPR protection
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in healthcare
  • Patients’ representatives
  • Healthcare research organizations
  • Pharmaceutical associations
  • Anti-counterfeiting organizations
  • Packaging, labeling and converting companies
  • Authentication technology suppliers
  • Anti-counterfeiting service suppliers – IP specialists, investigators, lawyers 


4th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting 2015 - Competences to Combat Counterfeits

Get more from the event, with a broader scope bringing the whole communications value chain together. Enjoy and make the best out of our dedicated networking drinks time, meet the leading companies showcasing the products of tomorrow in the co-located exhibition. Expand your knowledge of the latest business models and strategies in the high-level conference.

08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:30 – Morning Chair’s opening remarks
Blue Sphere Health


09:40 – GS1 Standards: A tool for fighting Counterfeiting?

  • Daily interaction is natural and unnoticed
  • The latest in GS1 developments
  • Enabling regulatory compliance, supply chain security AND Patient Safety!

ULRIKE KREYSA, Vice-President Healthcare, GS1 Global Office, Healthcare

10:20 – U.S. Homeland Security Investigations Intellectual Property Rights / Counterfeit Pharmaceutical

Investigations Overview
CONOR DUFRAIN, Assistant Attache,
Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) London

11:00 – Morning Coffee & Networking


11:20 – Morning Keynote Panel Discussion: Creating a road map - Challenges and Opportunities

  • Foreign drug entry into EU & US markets
  • Sales over the internet - Fighting the illegal sale or supply of medicines
  • Predicting and dealing with common pitfalls and challenges
  • Strategies for conducting global anti counterfeiting investigations
  • Safeguarding efficient post-marketing surveillance systems to detect and mitigate counterfeits

Blue Sphere Health

GEOFFROY BESSAUD, AVP, Anti-counterfeiting Coordination, Sanofi
SULTAN DAJANI, Community Pharamacist, Royal Pharamaceutical Society
ULRIKE KREYSA, Vice-President Healthcare, GS1 Global Office, Healthcare

Partner, Dannemann Siemsen, Legal Director,  ARBAL, Director-Secretary, ANGARDI

12:00 – BEST MANUFACTURING PRACTICE REPORTED FROM THE FIELD: What is the pharmaceutical industry using to                 successfully realise their serialisation and aggregation operational requirements?

  • Minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled, in order to be ready for 2018
  • Prepared for the future: Optional requirements to maintain flexibility
  • Discover Simplicity to safeguard both operational and process control
  • Key Success Criteria: Product Handling, Standardised Systems, coupled with a common interface for data exchange
  • Applied Examples in the field: Demonstrating all of the above, showing Quality & Excellence to supply all your Track & Trace equipment needs

NIGEL BANFIELD, Sales Manager Pharmaceuticals UK, OCS Checkweighers (GS1 Solution Provider)

12:30 – Networking luncheon / Exhibition Visit

13:40 Data Management The overlooked discipline in anti-counterfeiting

  • Data as a key ingredient in every product
  • The scale of the data management challenge
  • Other industries’ experience of quality data management

Chris Doyle, Managing Director, Genshone Transformation

14:10 – A Global approach of counterfeiting: IPM by The World Customs Organization

  • Using the IPM tool to communicate with and provide operational data to customs officers on the ground
  • Participating to WCO Operations and Seminars to train Customs officers in real-life conditions
  • Enabling the use of authentication or track & trace solutions found on your products for Customs officers using IPM on their mobile devices

BENOIT GOYENS, IPM Private Sector – Manager, World Customs Organization

14:50 – Afternoon coffee & Networking

15:10 – Patient litigation and regulatory issues in Brazil

  • Applicable Laws
  • Regulation
  • Investigation
  • Requirements for Patent Litigation
  • Civil Litigation (Nullity action/ Injunction action/ Patent infringement action)
  • Criminal Litigation (Criminal injunction/ Private criminal action)
  • Conclusions

JOSE HENRIQUE VASI WERNER, Partner, Dannemann Siemsen, Legal Director, ABRAL, Director-Secretary, ANGARDI


15:50 – Design criteria - ease of opening

  • Latest developments on the child resistant packaging standard ISO 8317
  • EN 14375 and EN 862 into ISO
  • Proper attention to the ergonomics of openability for elderly people and child resistance
  • Patient compliance

STEPHEN WILKINS, Secretary General, Child-Safe Packaging Group

16:30 – “Enhancing Security with Printed Electronics - Xerox® Printed Memory”

STEVE SIMPSON, Vice Prisident,

16:50 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference
Blue Sphere Health

17:00 – 18:00 Networking Drinks Session

08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:30 – Morning Chair’s opening remarks
Blue Sphere Health

09:40 – Past, Present and Future analytical techniques to screen counterfeit drugs

  • Analyzing the past, present and future analytical techniques for screening counterfeit drugs
  • Rapid screening of counterfeit drugs using bench-top and portable spectrometers
  • Screening biologics counterfeits and biosimilars
  • Implementing an in-house chemical testing program to rapidly screen counterfeits

RAVI KALYANARAMAN, Associate Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)

10:20 – Patient Education – A critical success factor in the fight against counterfeits

  • How much do we know already about consumer/patient online buying behaviour?
  • What strategies and tactics can be deployed to raise public awareness?
  • The introduction of the Common Logo obligates the Commission in cooperation with the EMA and Member States to promote information campaigns – how effective are these?
  • How can patient safety organisations contribute to the fight
  • Serialisation – a portal to the patient?

MIKE ISLES, Executive Director, European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM)

11:00 – Morning Coffee & Networking

11:20 – Speak Out Session - Implementation challenges and lessons to be learnt

Discuss your serialization, track and trace, and brand protection programs with peers at this interactive session. Share your views, find out what worked and what didn’t work, and learn how others have tackled your challenges as per their expertise. Please come prepared for this session with your questions and expertise

Blue Sphere Health

PIPASHA BISWAS, Director, Symogen
MIKE ISLES, Executive Director, European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM)

CHRIS DOYLE, Managing Director,
Genshone Transformation

12:00 – Securing the supply chain: Where should this stop to be meaningful?

The anti-counterfeiting market can be categorised into two segments, Authentication Technologies (the technologies
providing overt and covert security features) and Track & Trace Technologies (the technologies facilitating visibility of products throughout the supply chain). Serialisation is being thought as a one stop solution to prevent counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry by securing the supply chain.One issue remains though: where does the supply chain - hence the control - ends? The major challenge associated with a counterfeit drug is that a non-expert, such as a patient, cannot differentiate between genuine and counterfeit drug without the help of a special instrument or device. There is thus a legitimate interest to play the game with tools that are readily available for most - or a large portion - of patients/end users. This triggers in return different choices in terms of technologies for serialization. One such new approach will be illustrated in this presentation.
CHRISTOPHE BUREAU, VP Strategic Innovation,
Stevanato Group

12:20 – Networking luncheon / Exhibition Visit

13:40 – Pitfalls of Counterfieting from Pharmacovigilance point of view

  • EMA regulations governing counterfiet medicines
  • Counterfiet Medicines: Current Worldwide situation
  • Patient safety issues related to the use of counterfiet medicines
  • Methodology and Analysis of Adverse Events (AEs) arising from counterfiet medicines

PIPASHA BISWAS, Director, Symogen

14:20 - Best practice in pharmaceutical product security

  • How to design a global strategy including serialisation
  • Protect your patients, reputation and revenue
  • See how peer organisations meet the challenges

MARK DAVISON, CEO, Blue Sphere Health


15:00 – The Counterfeiting Highway to the EU

  • How organised criminal syndicates are using the Balkans as a route to Europe.
  • Current conditions in Serbia and surrounding countries, the challenges being faced by enforcement authorities and rights holders
  • How the EU is working to improve matters?

PHIL LEWIS, International IP Enforcement  Consultant  and Strategic Adviser, UK Anti Counterfeiting Group

15:30 – Afternoon coffee & Networking

15:50 Raising “counterfeit” health literacy -people, professionals and policy makers

FRANKLIN APFEL, Managing Director, World Health Communication Associates


16:20 – Panel Discussion: Analysing and complying with recent legislative and regulatory developments

  • Recent legal enforcements in EU and US towards Anti-counterfeiting
  • Emerging trends of global compliance and the global architecture issues associated with regulatory updates
  • Regulatory forces and guidelines for implementation of security measures
  • Best practices in collaborating with law enforcement and government agencies
  • What governments expect from brand holders and pharmaceutical stakeholders?
  • Collaboration & Interaction between stakeholders & law enforcement - Building an interactive network with government & police for investigating & to monitor, track, trace counterfeiting drugs

GILLIAN LENNARD, Director of Regulatory Affairs, European Regulatory Solutions

WENDY GREENALL, Head of Anti-Counterfeiting Laboratory for Europe, Middle East & Africa, Pfizer
LYNDA SCAMMELL, Senior Policy Manager, Relationship Manager, Enforcement Group, MHRA
RICHARD FREUDENBERG, Chief Executive, European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC)

, International IP Enforcement  Consultant  and Strategic Adviser, UK Anti Counterfeiting Group

17:00 – Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference
Blue Sphere Health

17:10 End of 4th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting 2015

Geoffroy Bessaud

AVP, Anti-counterfeiting Coordination


Geoffroy handled various Marketing and Sales positions with ICI Pharmaceuticals, Pasteur Merieux vaccines, and Sanofi, at local, regional and global levels. He started his career as a sales representative, and then became international product manager, Marketing Director, Business Unit Manager, managing diverse Marketing programs in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia, with positions successively based in France, Italy, and Asia. He then joined Sanofi Corporate Communications as a spokesperson, and afterwards the newly redesigned Sanofi Global Procurement Division as Global Category Head, Medias, Communication Agencies, and Events.

More recently, Geoffroy became Associate Vice-President, in charge of anti-counterfeiting activities coordination for Sanofi Group. Sanofi is a world health leader providing health solutions covering major therapeutic areas,  human vaccines and animal health, everywhere in the world.

Geoffroy is a pharmacist by training and handles a MBA from HEC business school (France).

Ravi Kalyanaraman

Associate Director

Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)

Ravi Kalyanaraman, Ph.D., is an Associate Director at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in the Global Analytical Technology group with Global Manufacturing and Supply. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Idaho in 1995 and did his post-doctoral work at the University of Puerto Rico. He served as a faculty member in the department of chemistry at Bemidji State University in Minnesota from 1996 to 2001. He has been with Bristol-Myers Squibb since 2002. His laboratory work in the past with Bristol-Myers Squibb was primarily in developing and validating chromatographic methods for Quality control laboratories. In the last six years he has focused on developing new and novel techniques to detect pharmaceutical counterfeits and for raw material identification using vibrational spectroscopic techniques, such as Raman, mid-, and near-infrared (NIR). Currently, he leads a team of analytical scientists that are involved in the forensic and manufacturing investigation of pharmaceutical products received from product complaints group, corporate security and also from various manufacturing sites. He has published several articles in journals and magazines on the analytical techniques used for rapidly screening pharmaceutical counterfeits. Currently, his work is focused on using con-focal Raman spectrometer to detect biological counterfeits and biosimilars.

Lynda Scammell

Senior Policy Manager, Relationship Manager, Enforcement Group


Wendy Greenall

Head of Anti-Counterfeiting Laboratory for Europe, Middle East & Africa


Conor Dufrain

Assistant Attache

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Conor Dufrain began his law enforcement career as a Police Officer in northern New York State in 1995. In 2002, Special Agent Dufrain transferred to federal law enforcement as a Special Agent with the United States Customs Service. Special Agent Dufrain was initially assigned to the northern border of the United States primarily performing narcotic smuggling and money laundering investigations.

In 2010 Special Agent Dufrain was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations, Office of International Affairs, Washington D.C. Special Agent Dufrain focused on International Operations for Homeland Security Attaché Offices located in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada.

Special Agent Dufrain has served as a Homeland Security Investigations representative in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Iraq. 

Ulrike Kreysa

Vice-President Healthcare

GS1 Global Office, Healthcare

Ulrike Kreysa is responsible for the Healthcare sector at the GS1 Global Office in Brussels and works with her local colleagues in 111 countries across the world to develop and implement GS1 standards in the healthcare industry.

Having started her career as a Pharmacist she manages GS1 Healthcare, the global GS1 user group, formed by the stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, logistic providers, governmental and regulatory bodies and associations.

GS1 Healthcare has the mission to lead the Healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standards. Worldwide patient safety and supply chain efficiencies will be enhanced globally through standards for AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), global data synchronisation and traceability.

Ulrike works regularly with decision makers from companies like Abbott, Medtronic, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, B.Braun, Bayer, Zimmer and others to drive harmonisation of standards in the implementation across the world. To achieve that she is regularly in discussions with regulatory bodies to discuss the need for a globally aligned and harmonised approach towards standards in order to avoid supply-chain inefficiencies for all healthcare stakeholders and increase patient safety. She is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.

Mike Isles

Executive Director

European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM)

Mike is Executive Director of the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM). The EAASM is a pan-European patient safety organisation, bringing together all concerned with eliminating falsified medicines from the supply chain.

With patient safety at its heart, the EAASM is also currently championing positive change in the area of unlicensed/off-label usage of medicines which is severely compromising patient’s welfare and rights in certain medical conditions and situations.

Mike is also the Executive Director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy (ASOP EU) With over 30,000 fake pharmacy websites targeting Europe on any given day, this multisectoral organisation’s mission is to enable patients to buy their medicines online safely – where it is legal to do so. With over 50 participants involving many key internet stakeholders, its aim is to produce concrete voluntary actions that will make a real difference and ultimately benefit the health of patients and the wealth of nations.

Mike is also European Medicines Partnership Director for International Health Partners a UK charity whose Queen’s Award for Enterprise for continuous Innovation in 2011, recognises the tremendous humanitarian work sourcing donated quality medicines from the pharmaceutical industry and coordinating delivery via secure supply chain solutions to disaster-struck areas in close liaison with NGOs. In December 2014, hosted by the Patron of IHP, HRH The Prince of Wales, a new initiative called EURMED was launched by three leading European medical NGOs (Action Medeor, Banco Farmaceutico and International Health Partners), with the shared objective of ensuring the efficient and effective use of product donations from the European healthcare industry to address the needs of underserved communities around the world.

Mike’s professional background is in pharmaceuticals, where he held senior management and director positions covering sales, marketing, commercial and supply chain in a 32-year career.

Benoit Goyens

IPM Private Sector - Manager

World Customs Organization

The World Customs Organization is an intergovernmental organization exclusively focused on customs issues and who represents 180 customs administrations.Within the WCO’s anti-counterfeiting program, Benoit is responsible for the promotion of the IPM tool amongst the private sector and for the technological partnerships. IPM is gateway of information and actionable resources for customs officers. It is the only global anti-counterfeiting tool.Prior to the WCO, Benoit was working in the IT Security industry.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S. and a Master in Management from Skema Business School in France.

Sultan Dajani

Community Pharamacist

Royal Pharamaceutical Society

Sultan ‘SID’ Dajani qualified in 1994 and in 1997 was elected onto the Council of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; the governing body for all pharmacists and pharmacies as the youngest member since it began in 1842 and has topped the poll in every re-election since including 2015. Since 1994 he has had over 400 articles published, is a national and international presenter and consultant and has had over 300 TV and radio appearances as well as trade and national press coverage; usually as spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

He has served on numerous committees, both internally and in government working groups, on initiatives including the Public Health Leadership Forum, antimicrobial resistance and the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes. Has also gained valuable experiences piloting a number of services in Kensington, Chelsea & Westminter and Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Pharmacies from 2001-6.

SID has comprehensive experience in pharmacy which include politics, consultancy, journalism, clinical services, strategic business understanding, commercial acumen and a value adding approach to communication and presentation skills, both nationally and internationally. Areas of expertise also include public affairs, healthcare, media, marketing, negotiating and a excellent network of contacts across business, the media, parliamentarians (Westminster and Brussels), key healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical and OTC industries.

SID is also an experienced Chairman. Previously he chaired the national Practice Committee and is currently a member of the English Pharmacy Board, the Assembly of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and its current Treasurer for the past three years.

SID is a grass-roots pharmacist, works regularly in his pharmacy and is an independent Prescriber based in Bishopstoke near Southampton since March 2005. He controversially undertook a number of clinical services such as osteoporosis screening and testing for blood glucose, glucose and H.pylori as early as 1995 because he always believed pharmacists were healthcare professionals at a time when many thought they were merely dispensers and a pseudo-profession hanging on the coat-tails of GP prescribing. His now pharmacy offers a comprehensive range of professional services including medicines reviews, screening, the administration of vaccines including flu and shingles, supplying Emergency Hormone Contraception, various drug misuse services, smoking cessation, blood-borne virus testing (Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C)

Pipasha Biswas



Dr. Pipasha Biswas is currently Executive Director & QPPV of Symogen Ltd, UK, an
international service provider in Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoepidemiology, Medical
Writing and Regulatory Affairs worldwide. She has been involved in pharmacovigilance
for the last 20 years in Europe, USA and India. She has worked in a number of MNCs in Pharmacovigilance as Executive Medical Director and Lead for Safety Signal detection at Global Drug Safety at Amgen Inc based in California, where she lead the safety signal detection team in global safety. In the UK, she worked as Medical Director, Safety Evaluation and Risk Management, Global Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance at GSK, where she was the lead physician responsible for Respiratory and Antiinflammatory therapeutic area. Prior to working at GSK, London, she was EU Senior Pharmacovigilance Physician at the European Office of Global Safety Surveillance and Epidemiology at Wyeth Europa, based in the UK. Before moving to the pharmaceutical industry, she was Clinical Research Fellow at the Drug Safety Research Unit, based in Southampton, where she conducted large studies in post marketing surveillance,pharmacoepidemiology and signal detection activities.

She also has considerable experience in Clinical Research and Clinical Drug
Development, having worked at the Department of Vascular Medicine, King’s College of Medicine & Dentistry, where she was responsible for conducting clinical trials in Deep Vein Thrombosis patients from phase II to III.

She qualified in Medicine from India and trained in Internal Medicine & Cardiology and
did her post graduation in Pharmaceutical Medicine, from University of Surrey, UK. She
then specialized in Pharmacovigilance & Pharmacoepidemiology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London and then did her MD in Medicine and DM in
Pharmacoepidemiology from University of Southampton, UK.

She is the Member of British Association of Regulatory and Quality Assurance (BARQA), International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISOP) and International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE). She has been conferred with the Membership of The
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Distinction), UK from The Facul

Mark Davison


Blue Sphere Health

“Mark Davison is CEO of Blue Sphere Health Ltd (“Bluesphere”) a UK healthcare consultancy focusing on traceability, authentication and patient engagement. He has worked in the drug industry for 26 years including time with GlaxoSmithKline, several contract research organisations, two biotechnology companies and two traceability vendors. At Bluesphere, Mark works with a number of global drug companies and public sector organisations on serialisation and traceability. Mark is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is currently writing the second edition of “Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting” (476pp, Wiley, N.Y., 2011).”

Christophe Bureau

VP Strategic Innovation

Stevanato Group

Nigel Banfield

Sales Manager Pharmaceuticals UK

OCS Checkweighers (GS1 Solution Provider)

OCS Checkweighers are at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry for serialization, aggregation and checkweighing systems & equipment. Due to its range of dedicated and reliable machinery OCS serves customers from the largest multinationals as well as the small pharmaceutical and contract manufacturers.

For all matters relating to serialisation OCS are a trusted voice, with unique machine and operational solutions.

Within the OCS Pharma & Food Sales division, Nigel is responsible for the Pharmaceutical & non-food industries throughout the UK & Ireland. Before OCS, Nigel has worked within the Pharmaceutical Industry for many years. He holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bristol University in the U.K.

Steve Simpson

Vice President


Richard Freudenberg

Chief Executive

European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC)

Richard Freudenberg, a graduate in linguistic science and a qualified account, has worked for the last 25 years in the medicines parallel distribution sector. Active as a practitioner in a UK importer company until 2007, he was subsequently appointed Secretary-General of the British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors, a position, which he continues to hold until today. In 2011, he succeeded to the position of Chief Executive of EAEPC, operating from its Brussels HQ; he has been active in the EAEPC Board since 2007, and is currently engaged in his second period as President of the association. He is also a director of the newly-formed EMVO.

Stephen Wilkins

Secretary General

Child-Safe Packaging Group

Stephen Wilkins was educated at Blackrock College, Dublin and The University of Durham Business School where he obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He is a Chartered Scientist, a Chartered Environmentalist and a Fellow of both the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining and the Royal Society of Arts.

He was appointed chief executive of the Child-Safe Packaging Group upon its formation in 1995 and has driven its activities since then. The Child-Safe Packaging Group has been responsible for the design and development of numerous new child resistant packaging designs, in both flexible and rigid packs. Stephen Wilkins advises manufacturers on the development of CR packaging, on the need for that packaging and, in more general terms, he advises clients on strategic marketing issues, usually associated with packaging and its semiotics.

In addition he is a director of Davies Development and Testing Limited, a laboratory, accredited by UKAS,  to undertake testing of child resistant packaging under various European and International standards. He also sits on a number of BSI and ISO committees concerned with developing standards for packaging, and he chairs two of these.

He also acts for clients in the UK in disciplines other than packaging, where he delivers marketing communications consultancy and parliamentary liaison.

August 2nd 2015

UKAS – United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

BSI – British Standards Institute.

ISO – International Organisation for Standardisation.

Franklin Apfel

Managing Director

World Health Communication Associates

Chris Doyle

Managing Director

Genshone Transformation

Chris has worked with the NHS, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers for his whole career since studying law at Cambridge University in the late 80s. He has very broad experience in operations, commercial and sales & marketing functions and in recent years has focussed on improving NHS efficiency and delivering competitive advantage to manufacturers and suppliers through eProcurement and compliance with FDA-UDI and EU-FMD requirements. Until 2014 Chris was the Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK and he brings this specialist knowledge to his new consultancy Genshone Transformation Limited.

Jose Henrique Vasi Werner


Dannemann Siemsen

Attorney at Law, Member of the Brazilian Bar Association since 1994 and Industrial Property Agent since 1998. Postgraduate degree in Criminal Law and Procedure from the University Estacio de Sa.

Partner in the Dannemann Siemsen law firm, Legal Director of ABRAL – Associacao Brasileira de Licenciamento (Brazilian Licensing Association) and Director-Secretary of ANGARDI - Associação Nacional para Garantia dos Direitos Intelectuais (Brazilian Association for the Safeguarding of Intellectual Property Rights). Member of the Compliance and Anti-Corruption Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association, Rio de Janeiro State,  Member of the CNCP Task Force representing ANGARDI – Associação Nacional para Garantia dos Direitos Intelectuais (Brazilian Association for the Safeguarding of Intellectual Property Rights).

20 years of experience in civil and criminal litigation, corporate criminal law and criminal litigation involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition and environmental law. Responsible for the organization and administration of massive campaigns against piracy in Brazil, including cases with international repercussions, cross-target seizures and border measures against illegal products. Also responsible for the coordination and administration of due diligence cases, business intelligence and information analysis.

Author of several articles and book chapters on Intellectual Property, Border Measures Counterfeiting and Piracy. Exhibitor and lecturer at several conferences, seminars and national and international conventions.

Professor at EMERJ – School of Magistrates of the State of Rio de Janeiro, teaching classes on Industrial Property. Guest Professor for the Specialization Course on Intellectual Property of GVLaw– Getúlio Vargas Foundation of the State of São Paulo. Guest Professor for the Postgraduate Program in Intellectual Property of PUC / RJ – Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Pontifical Catholic University of the State of Rio de Janeiro). Guest Professor for the Postgraduate Program in Consumer Law from PUC / RJ. Guest Professor for the Postgraduate Program in Information Law at the Candido Mendes University.

Elected in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 one of the best Industrial Property lawyers in Brazil by the Publication WTR1000 - World Trademark Review. Elected in 2014 one of the most admired lawyers in Brazil in many different categories of legal services, including Intellectual Property.

Gillian Lennard

Director of Regulatory Affairs

European Regulatory Solutions

A science graduate with research experience and over 30 years in regulatory affairs, including 23 years’ experience within big and medium sized pharma companies and consultancy prior to joining ERS in 2011. A proven project team leader working with multinational teams for global product development and manager of regulatory departments with a successful track record for CTAs and MAAs within Europe. Extensive experience of drug development, data evaluation, regulatory strategy, orphan drug applications, risk management plans and scientific advice and MAA and CTA submissions in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Particularly interested in strategic and development regulatory affairs and new technologies.

Phil Lewis

International IP Enforcement Consultant and Strategic Adviser

UK Anti Counterfeiting Group

For the past 15 years Phil has been engaged in intellectual property enforcement. In 2001 he became the UK government’s Senior Policy Advisor on Intellectual Property Crime, and was responsible for developing and leading on the UK’s first National IP Crime Strategy. As a result, Phil had direct responsibility for aligning national resources from Government, enforcement agencies to directly combat counterfeiting and piracy. Since then the model has become a benchmark for countries across the world.

Phil has been the UK representative at G8 level, chaired the United Nations Advisory Group (UNECE) on IP protection and enforcement, a Member of the Northern Ireland Organised Crime Task Force and was an active part of the Interpol Action Group. He has also led a European Commission IP Peer Review Team – assessing the enforcement capacities of candidate and transition countries.

In 2008, Phil joined the European Commission to help develop a Commission strategy against counterfeiting and piracy. He was responsible for conceiving and developing the EU Observatory on IP Infringements of IP Rights, which has become the pivotal European network of experts and specialist stakeholders engaged in shaping effective IP enforcement policies.

Phil has a thorough understanding of the IP crime landscape including its enforcement, political and international features. He has been internationally recognised by the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the UK Anti Counterfeiting Group and most recently he was awarded the 2014 Global Anti Counterfeiting award for individual achievement.

Since retiring from public service, at the end of 2014, he has been working as a private consultant, working as a national expert for various EU Governments and as Strategic Adviser to the UK Anti-Counterfeiting Group.


Virtue Insight

Virtue Insight equips business professionals around the world with the latest indepth industry knowledge and provides networking opportunities in the telecom, infrastructure and pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to provide a platform to share knowledge and insights and provide our event attendees to network effectively and deliver maximum ROI by make new business alliances. We strive to produce high quality conferences which include the latest topics which are delivered by world class leaders of the industry.

Our motto is to offer our customers the expertise and connections for a profitable business. Our events encompass an optimum chance to gain maximum value in terms of networking and an opportunity to sponsor and exhibit to attract new business alliances.


Going to meet


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Our services include:

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Partnering with Virtue Insight means more than making the right contacts. It means being an insider. It means being connected to the right people with the right level of influence, and it means you are allied with a globally respected organization and leaders in the industry.?

Sponsorship, exhibiting and advertising packages are designed to provide a solid platform to help you stand out and make an impact. Our programs allow you to achieve your marketing goals and deliver a maximum return on your investment. We have developed convenient and customizable packages to help your organization meet its objectives and reach your target market.

Why Sponsor / Exhibit:

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  • Generating sales leads
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Our conferences offer not only a unique combination of benefits (as listed above) to enable the sponsor/exhibitor to communicate the message but also a major opportunity that other forms of selling or media cannot provide.

Contact Us Today

Email - sponsor.uk@virtueinsight.com
Tel: +44-2036120886

Email - sponsor@virtueinsight.com
Tel: +91 44 64536444

Our highly researched conference agenda delivers all the latest information and our world-class speakers attract delegates from around the world to attend. We aim for our attendees to be equipped with knowledge of latest developments and enable them to network with the industry key personnel.

What is the format of our conference programme?
The conference programme consists of world-class keynote addresses, case study presentations and panel discussions.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Meet your peers in an interactive, discussion-based format designed to maximize knowledge transfer and networking
  • Enjoy our informal networking at drinks and lunch
  • Meet the leading solution providers in the market to forge partnerships and discover solutions
  • Receive electronic versions of the conference documentation for use of reference post-event.
  • Get ideas for?training topics?that you might want to present as professional development sessions to others in your workplace.
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For more information or to register at the event please contact us TODAY:

Contact Us Today

Email - delegate.uk@virtueinsight.com
Tel: +44-2036120886

Email - delegate@virtueinsight.com
Tel: +91 44 64536444



Introductory Offer (3 delegate places for the price of 2):- A huge saving of £ 1100 - (Limited seats left) - You can simply email or call and book your conference delegate seats on – TEL: +44 2036120886. Email – delegate.uk@virtueinsight.com


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Conference Sponsor & Exhibition Stall Should you wish to Sponsor, or purchase a Exhibiton Stall (Booth) or a paid Speaker Slot, you can simply email your interest and queries to – TEL: +44 2036120886. Email – sponsor.uk@virtueinsight.com

The Kensington Close Hotel

Address: Wrights Ln, Kensington, London W8 5SP, UK
Phone: +44 20 7368 4023

Very Informative - good range of topics covering regulatory, data protection and supplies of services. Excellent discussion and networking opportunities.

Dave Roberts
Business Development Director, Selcia ltd

Foresight, great range of experience and views. Well worth attending

Sultan Dajani
Community Pharamacist, royal pharmaceutical society

An interesting conference, informative on both a personal and professional basis.

Yasmin Murphy
Horus Security Consultancy, horus security
DOWNLOAD Stephen Wilkins, Child-Safe Packaging Group
DOWNLOAD Benoit Goyens, World Customs Organization
DOWNLOAD Chris Doyle, Genshone Transformation
DOWNLOAD Conor Dufrain, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
DOWNLOAD Franklin Apfel, World Health Communication Associates
DOWNLOAD Jose Henrique Vasi Werner, Dannemann Siemsen
DOWNLOAD Mike Isles, European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM)
DOWNLOAD Nigel Banfield, OCS Checkweighers (GS1 Solution Provider)
DOWNLOAD Pipasha Biswas, Symogen
DOWNLOAD Steve Simpson, Xerox
DOWNLOAD Ulrike Kreysa, GS1 Global Office, Healthcare

Conference pictures can be viewed and downloaded at our official Virtue Insight facebook page

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