6th Annual Pharma AntiCounterfeiting & Serialisation 2017
Offering our customers the knowledge and connections for a profitable business

    STEVE LUBESKI Alexion Pharmaceuticals (USA)


    JEAN-MARC BOBEE (Former) Sanofi


    JEREMY PETERS Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)




    BERNARD NAUGHTON Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust


    JOHAN VERHAEGHE Medicines for Europe


    FRANKLIN APFEL World Health Communication Associates


    SULTAN DAJANI Royal Pharmaceutical Society




    STEPHEN TRUICK Internet Infrastructure Investigation


    CLIO DAVIES Anaqua




    JAMES WHYMARK Baker McKenzie




    KATELEN PEREZ T'SEYEN World Customs Organization (WCO)


    PETER EMBLEY Voisin Consulting Life Sciences


    MARK DAVISON Blue Sphere Health





19th & 20th September 2017, Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, London, UK

“Competences to Combat Counterfeits”

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Counterfeit drugs have become a $200-billion-a-year global industry, which despite ongoing crackdowns by the authorities is a growing problem According to a report t is predicted that the global anti-counterfeit packaging market in food and pharmaceuticals is forecasted to attain market value of $142.7 billion by 2020 from $57.4 billion in 2013, growing at 13.9% CAGR during 2013 to 2020’. The anti-counterfeit packaging market size is estimated to grow from USD 82.05 Billion in 2015 to reach USD 153.95 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 13.41%. IP Theft - The latest and most reliable data (coming out from the OECD and EUPIO) suggests that in 2015, the U.S. imported counterfeit and pirated tangible goods valued between $58bn and $118bn, while counterfeit and pirated tangible US goods worth around $85bn were sold that year across the globe. A report by OCISIA, in collaboration with the UK information intelligence experts BAE Systems Detica, indicates that cybercrime is costing the UK economy as much as £27bn annually. The hardest hit companies include those in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. According to the report, £9.2bn has been lost through intellectual property (IP) theft, £7.6bn to industrial espionage and £2.2bn from extortion. Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market Size Worth $184.87 Billion by 2025. Track and trace technology products are expected to grow at a CAGR of over 9% by revenue, from 2016 to 2025 driven by the superior product detection and tracking through the supply chain.

All set for early 2019, the Delegated Act on safety features for the European Union (EU) Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) has pharmaceutical companies, parallel importers, wholesalers, and pharmacies facing a close-fitting timeline to address extensive serialisation, compliance reporting, and verification requirements. The Delegated Act includes several unexpected rules that add complexity to FMD planning and preparation. Many supply chain companies have raised questions related to the impending Delegated Act requirements and we could find answers for all of them at our conference.

Using identification, authentication and traceability initiatives on the packaging line and through the supply chain to the pharmacy level requires high quality serialisation data. Manufacturers need to invest in serialisation solutions that maintain the integrity of the data throughout the packaging process. By implementing productised, configurable and expandable solutions that leverage a PES infrastructure, manufacturers can protect data integrity while also meeting new demands quickly and cost-effectively and maintaining operational efficiency. This conference overviews and integrates the business and technical problems that pharmaceutical companies should be aware of in order to fight the major global problem of counterfeit medicines. In addition to discussion of the problems, this conference addresses serialization, track and traec analytical techniques scientists use to detect counterfeits and identifying solutions to the threat of counterfeit medical products. It gives us immense pleasure in welcoming you to “6th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Serialisation 2017 – “Competences to Combat Counterfeits”.

  • All set for early 2019? The Delegated Act on safety features for the European Union (EU) Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)
  • Market analysis – EU, US and RoW markets
  • Impact of BREXIT
  • Efficient serialisation strategies: Business Case, Road map and basic decisions
  • Discuss your serialization, track and trace, and brand protection programs with peers at this interactive session
  • SAP Track & Trace: Turning total compliance into a supply chain value plan
  • Joining forces against counterfeits - Mandates for developing and implementing an effective Anti-counterfeiting strategy
  • Balancing between protection and vulnerability of your brand in the global counterfeit market
  • Maximizing brand protection through effective packaging and labeling
  • Smart Packaging and Labeling - Warehouse & Logistics – Lessons to learn
  • Drug Development and Intellectual Property Theft
  • Rethinking Supply Chain Strategy
  • EU and USA: government policies & strategies
  • Monitor the internet effectively to combat cybercrime and illegal online pharmacies
  • Assess the current technology landscape and identify the right solution for your needs
  • How can companies and gov work closely and together and its importance
  • Network in our combined exhibition and catering area
  • Evening networking reception for all attendees



  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Serialisation, Track and Trace – Solution providers
  • Brand – protection, enforcement, security, integrity and management companies
  • Drug regulatory agencies, customs and police
  • Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) involved in healthcare and IPR protection
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in healthcare
  • Patients’ representatives
  • Healthcare research organizations
  • Pharmaceutical associations
  • Anti-counterfeiting organizations
  • Packaging, labeling and converting companies
  • Authentication technology suppliers
  • Anti-counterfeiting service suppliers – IP specialists, investigators, lawyers



6th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Serialisation 2017 - Competences to Combat Counterfeits

Get more from the event, with a broader scope bringing the whole communications value chain together. Enjoy and make the best out of our dedicated networking drinks time, meet the leading companies showcasing the products of tomorrow in the co-located exhibition. Expand your knowledge of the latest business models and strategies in the high-level conference.

08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:30 – Morning Chair’s opening remarks 
Blue Sphere Health


09:40 – Developing a comprehensive Insider Threat program

  • Moving beyond monitoring and response to embracing the new paradigm of prevention/detection/Response/Recovery
  • Getting executive buy-in
  • Developing a cross functional Insider Threat Team
  • Identifying risk factors and bad actors

STEVE LUBESKI, Associate Director of Global Security, Alexion Pharmaceuticals (USA)

10:20 – Use of the Internet by Organised Criminal Networks involved in illegal pharmaceutical abuse.

  • What is the problem?
  • The size of the problem.
  • The type of abuse seen by Law Enforcement.
  • The main actors and how the criminal affiliate’s work.
  • The use of Social Media as a marketing tool. (The new spam).
  • What can be done?
  • Current and future trends

STEPHEN TRUICK, Director, Internet Infrastructure Investigation

11:00 – Morning Coffee & Networking


11:30 – Morning Keynote Panel Discussion: Review & Updates – Counterfeits and Serialisaiton - Challenges and Opportunities

  • Market analysis – EU, US and RoW markets
  • Impact of BREXIT
  • What is the sense of readiness within the pharma industry?
  • What are the safety features and how are they supposed to be verified?
  • The Delegated Act on safety features for the European Union (EU) Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) - Will all supply-chain organisations will be prepared by the February 9, 2019, deadline?
  • What is the sense of readiness within the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Strategies for conducting global anti counterfeiting investigations
  • Will serialisation really bring benefits beyond compliance?
  • Serialisation – Identifying your solutions
  • Benefits/Possible Risks Beyond Serialization
  • Practical Issues for Operationalizing Serialization

MARK DAVISON, CEO, Blue Sphere Health

ANDREW STEVENS, Research Director, Gartner
ULRIKE KREYSA, Vice-President Healthcare, GS1
STEPHEN TRUICK, Director, Internet Infrastructure Investigation

12:10 – The EU and Latin America – Options for challenging counterfeiters

CHRISTIAN LOPEZ-SILVA, Partner, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Baker McKenzie
JAMES WHYMARK, Senior Associate, Intellectual Property Team, Baker McKenzie

12:40 – Networking luncheon / Exhibition Visit


13:50 Fighting counterfeits with global standards

  •  The regulatory landscape today in the world
  • Europe – the implementation challenges of the FMD
  • Serialisation – benefits beyond securing the supply chain
  • What’s next on patient safety 

ULRIKE KREYSA, Vice-President Healthcare, GS1

14:30 – Pharmacy Perspective - Tackling Counterfeiting in Pharmacies
SULTAN DAJANI, Community Pharmacist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

15:10 – Afternoon coffee & Networking

15:30 – IPM: The Global platform of actionable resources to combat counterfeiting

  • Sharing operational information, improving communication, providing continuous training
  • Engaging law enforcement, right holders and Solutions Providers in the fight against counterfeiting
  • Customs Officers Identify, verify and authenticate on the field through IPM Mobile platform
  • Demonstration of the IPM platform. 

KATELEN PEREZ T’SEYEN, Manager at WCO IPM - Private Sector - World Customs Organization (WCO)

16:10 – Substandard, spurious, falsely labelled, falsified and counterfeit (SSFFC) medical products: intergovernmental policy update.

  • Current WHO, EU and other IGO policies
  • Insights from the WHO World Health Assembly 70 
  • Position of new WHO Director General

FRANKLIN APFEL, Managing Director, World Health Communication Associates

16:50 – Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

MARK DAVISON, CEO, Blue Sphere Health

17:00 – 18:00 – Networking Drinks Session

08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:30 – Morning Chair’s opening remarks
MARK DAVISON, CEO, Blue Sphere Health


09:40 – The Business value of Serialization, Crossing your barriers; identify and develop your solutions

  • FMD compliance: are you late?
  • The Blueprint approach
  • How to understand national serialisation requirements
  • impact on the industry

JOHAN VERHAEGHE, National Policy Liaison, Medicines for Europe

10:20 – Anti-counterfeiting–broad reach, rapid response with ANAQUA

  • Use the mobile app to capture details, including product name, description, photo, date, detection country
  • Evaluate counterfeit products for potential infringement action
  • Monitor and track anti-counterfeit trends and actions

CLIO DAVIES, Sales Engineer, Anaqua

10:40 – Serialized syringes also prevent counterfeiting

  • Signakey recently completed a 1-year Pilot for a major Bio-pharma to Laser mark individual syringes filled with personalized cancer medicines.
  • Each mark is highly encrypted and unambiguously unique. This ensures that the right treatment, goes to the right patient, at the right dose, at the right time.
  • The medicine are clear liquids, and expensive, and therefor potential targets for counterfeiters.
  • The information helps boost the patient’s confidence in the safety and efficacy of the medicine and helps control the medicine taking behavior.


11:00 – Morning Coffee & Networking

11:20 – Serialisation - The past, present and the future

  • The origin
  • Current global picture
  • Opportunities as we move over the next 3-5 years

NEIL LAWRENCE, Global Serialisation Champion, GSK

12:00 – The Effectiveness of Medicines Authentication Technology
BERNARD NAUGHTON, Specialist Clinical Pharmacist / Honorary, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

12:40 – Networking luncheon / Exhibition Visit


13:50 – Serialization and Control in the supply chain: Why a global harmonized approach is needed in order to protect patients efficiently

  • How different traceability regulatory concepts based on serialisation of medicines impact the stakeholders across the supply chain?
  • What are their pros and cons and how efficient are they considering their complexity to implement their « Security to Cost » ratio?
  • What are the traceability challenges still to be overcome in the next 5 years?
  • Why do we need a harmonized global strategy in terms of controls in the supply chain in order to protect efficiently patients from counterfeits?

JEAN-MARC BOBEE, Former Director of industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy, (Former) Sanofi


14:30 – Panel Discussion: Examining and complying with recent legislative and regulatory developments

  • Recent evolving regulatory frameworks - EU and US – Comparing with RoW
  • What is the regulatory view for track and trace for medical devices?
  • How the FBI is currently addressing intellectual property crime and partnering with U.S. government agencies?
  • How can companies and gov work closely together and its importance?
  • Regulatory / EMA Requirements of the FMD/Delegated Regulation regarding tamper verification and anti-counterfeiting
  • Requirements of the FMD/Delegated Regulation regarding tamper verification and anti-counterfeiting
  • IP Threats
  • Understanding global regulatory laws
  • A regulatory perspective towards counterfeit medicines – what is the global answer to this global plague?

MARK DAVISON, CEO, Blue Sphere Health

PETER EMBLEY, Senior Director, Regulatory Science, Drugs & Biologic, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences
JEAN-MARC BOBEE, Former Director of industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy, (Former) Sanofi
EVELINE VAN KEYMEULEN, Counsel (Attorney), Allen & Overy

15:10 – Afternoon coffee & Networking

15:30 – Fingerprinting Pharma: Ensuring Supply Chain Integrity Through Advanced Analytical Authentication

  • Examine how and why this technology emerged in order to fight counterfeit medicine
  • Review the specifics of spectral authentication (Raman, IR, and NIR) of suspect products
  • Small Molecules vs Biologics: Understand identification and structural characterization
  • Case Studies

JEREMY PETERS, Associate Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)

16:10 – Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

Blue Sphere Health

16:20 End of 6th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Serialisation 2017


Associate Director of Global Security

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (USA)

Mr. Lubeski is currently Associate Director of Global Security and Resilience at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, where he leads Global operational resilience efforts which include Business Continuity Planning (BCPs, Risk Assessments, and Business Impact Analyses) as well as Emergency Response and Incident Management. Prior to Alexion, Mr. Lubeski worked in the San Francisco Bay area as a Senior Emergency Management Planner, where he collaborated on several large security projects for the Department of Homeland Security and the San Francisco Bay Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), including Catastrophic Response Planning (Mass Fatality, Mass Care and Sheltering, Mass Transportation and Evacuation, Volunteer Management, Debris Management) ; Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity of Government (COG) planning; development of a multi-year training and exercise plan, and port security planning for the ports of Oakland and San Francisco. He served on the DHS Exercise Support Team and the Exercise Design Team for the City and County of San Francisco and has designed and supported major disaster response exercises including TopOff, Golden Guardian, and Urban Shield. Mr. Lubeski had a 20 year career in Law Enforcement; serving diverse populations that included juvenile offenders, students at two universities, and veterans at a long term care facility. He also co-founded and operated a law enforcement and security training company aimed at professionalizing training for private security firms and promoting standardization of training for police constabularies on the East Coast.


Former Director of industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy

(Former) Sanofi

Until january this year, Jean-Marc BOBEE was Director, “Anti-counterfeiting Strategy” at Sanofi, Industrial Affairs. In this capacity, he was in charge of the definition and implementation of the industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy of Sanofi. This included identification and evaluation of new anti-counterfeiting technologies in the domain of packaging tamper evidence, authentication, coding, traceability as well as worldwide management of the global Sanofi Serialization Program. Currently in pre-retirement, Jean-Marc is an expert–advisor in industrial anti-counterfeiting strategy and products protection. Jean–Marc is Doctor of Pharmacy by education and holds a Master Degree in  Industrial Pharmacy from Paris University. He has also an extensive experience in international products development (galenics, analytics & technology transfer) and management of  Industrial Operations interfaces (risk assessment & strategy). Jean-Marc was also the chairman of the EFPIA project on coding and identification of pharmaceuticals in Europe from june 2007 to may 2010.

Mobile Phone : +33 (0)662862591
e-mail: jeanmarc.bobee@gmail.com


Associate Scientist

Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)

Jeremy Peters, is an Associate Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Working under Ravi Kalyanaraman, Ph.D., for the Global Analytical Technology group in Global Manufacturing and Supply, he is currently involved in product complaint testing and authentication, as well as developing new and novel techniques for Biological Drug Product Characterization and Structure determination. Prior to joining Global Analytical Technology, Jeremy worked at the Syracuse site of BMS where he was responsible for QC testing of Raw Materials used for Drug Substance batches. Jeremy received his BS in Chemical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Global Serialisation Champion


“Neil Lawrence has been leading the Serialisation work at GSK for nearly 5 years now having lead a globally recognised patient safety programme in the National Health Service to use GS1 standards to ensure the 5 patient rights. Although initially working in the financial sector Neil moved to healthcare over 12 years ago and has participated in a multitude of boards, roundtables, think tanks and advocacy groups to ensure patient safety is the primary of all we do in the healthcare business”


Specialist Clinical Pharmacist / Honorary

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

PhD Candidate, Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine, Keele University & Said Buisness School, University of Oxford (Visiting Academic). Specialist Clinical Pharmacist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust.

Researcher investigating the emerging issue of medicines counterfeiting. Bernard has co-authored book chapters relating to the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and published a number of peer reviewed articles on the topic of the medicines counterfeiting, the FMD and its implication for secondary care.


National Policy Liaison

Medicines for Europe

Johan Verhaeghe joined Medicines for Europe (formerly EGA) in January 2015 as Falsified Medicines Directive Project Manager. In February 2017 he took on additional responsibilities as National Policy Liaison.

As coordinator of the National Associations Committee, Johan’s task is to manage the platform where different national associations not only share their ‘best practices and lessons learned’ but also discuss a broad variety of topics that are related to the industry.

To operate in a more harmonised environment, it is crucial for our member associations to understand the different markets in order to better serve the interests of their own country. This objective is pursued in line with

Medicines for Europe’s commitment to strive for increased access to medicines for all European citizens.

Johan also continues to support all members of Medicines for Europe with regard to the implementation process of complying with the Falsified Medicines Directive.

With an educational background in philosophy, Johan approaches projects with pragmatism and focuses on the goals to be achieved.

Medicines for Europe, as the voice of the generic, biosimilar and value added medicines industries, aims to increase the health and wellbeing of all Europeans through better access to high quality medicines


Managing Director

World Health Communication Associates


Community Pharmacist

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Sultan ‘SID’ Dajani qualified in 1994 and in 1997 was elected onto the Council of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain; the governing body for all pharmacists and pharmacies as the youngest member since it began in 1842 and has topped the poll in every re-election since including 2015. Since 1994 he has had over 400 articles published, is a national and international presenter and consultant and has had over 300 TV and radio appearances as well as trade and national press coverage; usually as spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

He has served on numerous committees, both internally and in government working groups, on initiatives including the Public Health Leadership Forum, antimicrobial resistance and the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes. Has also gained valuable experiences piloting a number of services in Kensington, Chelsea & Westminter and Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Pharmacies from 2001-6.

SID has comprehensive experience in pharmacy which include politics, consultancy, journalism, clinical services, strategic business understanding, commercial acumen and a value adding approach to communication and presentation skills, both nationally and internationally. Areas of expertise also include public affairs, healthcare, media, marketing, negotiating and a excellent network of contacts across business, the media, parliamentarians (Westminster and Brussels), key healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical and OTC industries.

SID is also an experienced Chairman. Previously he chaired the national Practice Committee and is currently a member of the English Pharmacy Board, the Assembly of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and its current Treasurer for the past three years.

SID is a grass-roots pharmacist, works regularly in his pharmacy and is an independent Prescriber based in Bishopstoke near Southampton since March 2005. He controversially undertook a number of clinical services such as osteoporosis screening and testing for blood glucose, glucose and H.pylori as early as 1995 because he always believed pharmacists were healthcare professionals at a time when many thought they were merely dispensers and a pseudo-profession hanging on the coat-tails of GP prescribing. His now pharmacy offers a comprehensive range of professional services including medicines reviews, screening, the administration of vaccines including flu and shingles, supplying Emergency Hormone Contraception, various drug misuse services, smoking cessation, blood-borne virus testing (Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C)


Vice-President Healthcare


Ulrike Kreysa is responsible for the Healthcare sector at the GS1 Global Office in Brussels and works with her local colleagues in 111 countries across the world to develop and implement GS1 standards in the healthcare industry.

Having started her career as a Pharmacist she manages GS1 Healthcare, the global GS1 user group, formed by the stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, logistic providers, governmental and regulatory bodies and associations.

GS1 Healthcare has the mission to lead the Healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standards. Worldwide patient safety and supply chain efficiencies will be enhanced globally through standards for AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), global data synchronisation and traceability.

Ulrike works regularly with decision makers from companies like Abbott, Medtronic, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, B.Braun, Bayer, Zimmer and others to drive harmonisation of standards in the implementation across the world. To achieve that she is regularly in discussions with regulatory bodies to discuss the need for a globally aligned and harmonised approach towards standards in order to avoid supply-chain inefficiencies for all healthcare stakeholders and increase patient safety. She is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.



Internet Infrastructure Investigation

Stephen is a consultant internet infrastructure investigator and the owner and director of Internet Infrastructure Investigation Ltd. (www.iii3.co.uk)

He is regarded as an innovator and industry / law enforcement expert in the field of Internet Infrastructure abuse.

He was the officer in charge of the infrastructure abuse unit (Metropolitan Police), part of the National Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU).

On leaving the Police Stephen worked at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) where he led on Internet investigations including Operation Pangea, which is the global international week of action tackling the online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines.

Stephen now works as a consultant with many well-known companies and specialises on the identification and disruption of online organised criminal networks who are abusing the UK domain space.


Sales Engineer


Clio Davies is a Product Specialist for Anaqua with almost 10 years’ IP experience. She is a UKIPO accredited IP advisor and CIPA qualified Patent Administrator. Clio started her career as a patent searcher for a product development company where she went on to become a product marketing and infringement consultant. She then spent 3 years working for a leading IP Strategy consultancy before moving into software. Clio has been with Anaqua since 2014, working closely with the global sales team advising on software solutions and IP management across multiple industries.


Partner, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences

Baker McKenzie

Dr. Lopez Silva is the head of Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Industry Group in Mexico, as well as a member of the Steering Committee of the Latin America Pharmaceuticals Group. He has more than 14 years of experience in regulation of life sciences, pharmaceutical law and biotechnology matters, having worked in the private and public sectors and at the national and international level. For several consecutive years, Dr. Lopez Silva has led the rankings for Life Sciences both nationally (Chambers Latin America) and internationally (Chambers Global). Dr. Lopez Silva regularly advises on regulatory, transactional and intellectual property matters for the manufacturing, import, distribution, advertising, labeling, commercialization and post-market vigilance of medicines and medical devices.


Senior Associate, Intellectual Property Team

Baker McKenzie

James Whymark practices a wide range of both contentious and non-contentious aspects of IP law for clients from various industry sectors including pharmaceuticals. His principal practice focuses on contentious IP enforcement, litigation, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. James manages a number of global enforcement and customs programs which cover the implementation and co-ordination of enforcement actions in the UK, throughout Europe and worldwide. He also co-ordinates the domain name enforcement practice in the London office and is an active committee member of the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition.




Dr. McDermott was born in England and received his B.Sc. from Salford University and Ph.D. from the University of Leeds.  He emigrated to the US in 1975, to work for a division of WR Grace.  He acquired that division thru a leverage buyout in 1981.  Over the span of the next 35 years, he owned and operated a total of 36 business - the largest with annual revenue of $420 million and1,300 employees.  Today, with a partner, he owns SignaKey, where he is CEO.

Nearing the end of his entrepreneurial career, in 2013 Dr. McDermott became involved with IEC, thru its conformity assessment arm, IECQ.  In 2014, he became President of the US Body of that organization.  IEC is one of just three global sister organizations (IEC, ISO & ITU) recognized by WTO, that develop International Standard for the world.

In 2015, he organized the writing and publication of the specification: e-Labelling - based on SignaKey technology.  One application for e-Labelling, is laser marking a Signakey into the wall of pharmaceutical vials and syringes. Since every Signakey is unambiguously unique and highly encrypted, they are well suited for serialization and counterfeit prevention.


Manager at WCO IPM - Private Sector

World Customs Organization (WCO)

Since 2016, I’ve worked at World Customs Organization (WCO) IPM Private Sector team as a Manager. The WCO is the only intergovernmental organization exclusively focused on Customs issues and is composed of 180 countries, representing 98% of the world trade. I am responsible for promotion of the IPM Tool amongst the Private Sector, which is the only global anti-counterfeiting tool available.


Senior Director, Regulatory Science, Drugs & Biologic

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

Peter brings over 20 years applied industrial and commercial biopharmaceutical experience to his role, including seventeen years in Regulatory Affairs; working within the Generic, R&D and CRO industries. Peter has a strong grounding in EU legislation and filing strategies and has developed both regional and global strategic perspectives coupled with commercial acumen and experience working within multicultural project teams.

Peter’s collective experience reflects a balance of regulatory experience in Drug Development and Lifecycle Management. He has managed several ANDA applications during his time at Ranbaxy (circa 2007), and trained/mentored regulatory inductees, in the US/EU generic submission process at Chugai, Ranbaxy and PPD.

Peter has significant experience in developing and executing EU & APAC filing strategies; providing a strategic project oversight on several clinical trial studies and lifecycle management programs. He has additional expertise in Joint HTA/RA advice, Global Filling Strategies including; EU Filing Strategies for accelerated programs and EU-VHP.

Peter has held key role positions at companies which include Ranbaxy, Kendle, Chugai and PPD. Peter has effective management experience at several levels leading global project teams and line management. Utilising his Regulatory experience, Peter excels in the application and execution of strategic plans with a ‘can do’ attitude.

With a Post Graduate Diploma - Regulatory Affairs, obtained at University of Cardiff (UK), matched with his industrial technical background, Peter is able to provide cross matched technical and regulatory expertise; being able to readily understand and translate the needs of the client to deliver focused and successful projects.



Blue Sphere Health

“Mark Davison is CEO of Blue Sphere Health Ltd (“Bluesphere”) a UK healthcare consultancy focusing on traceability, authentication and patient engagement. He has worked in the drug industry for 26 years including time with GlaxoSmithKline, several contract research organisations, two biotechnology companies and two traceability vendors. At Bluesphere, Mark works with a number of global drug companies and public sector organisations on serialisation and traceability. Mark is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is currently writing the second edition of “Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting” (476pp, Wiley, N.Y., 2011).”


Research Director



Counsel (Attorney)

Allen & Overy

Eveline is a Counsel at Allen & Overy and plays a lead role in the firm’s EU Life Sciences practice.  Eveline’s practice focuses on EU Life Sciences regulatory law, and she has in-depth expertise in national regulations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. She advises multinational clients, in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, on a broad range of regulatory issues, including clinical trials, marketing authorisations and CE marking, advertising and promotion, product life cycle management, and pricing and reimbursement.

She has advised multiple clients on the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive, in particular the obligatory safety features for medicinal products, and the new UDI requirements under the new Medical Devices Regulations.

Eveline is an active speaker and writer on Life Sciences topics, and serves as editor-in-chief of the A&O Life Sciences Hub, the A&O blog dedicated to Life Sciences.

She has been recognised by Who’s Who Life Sciences as one of the leading lawyers for Life Sciences Regulatory (2016, 2017), and been recommended by Legal 500 (2017).  Clients report that “she is very good and always a pleasure to work with.”

Eveline holds an LL.M. from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a Master in European Law from Ghent University and a Master in Intellectual Property Law from Brussels University. She is admitted to the Brussels, New York and Paris bar. 


Virtue Insight

Virtue Insight equips business professionals around the world with the latest indepth industry knowledge and provides networking opportunities in the telecom, infrastructure and pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to provide a platform to share knowledge and insights and provide our event attendees to network effectively and deliver maximum ROI by make new business alliances. We strive to produce high quality conferences which include the latest topics which are delivered by world class leaders of the industry.

Our motto is to offer our customers the expertise and connections for a profitable business. Our events encompass an optimum chance to gain maximum value in terms of networking and an opportunity to sponsor and exhibit to attract new business alliances.


Securing Industry

Pharma Phorum

pharmaphorum is the primary facilitator of thought leadership and innovation within pharma. We support the next generation of pharmaceutical industry leaders through producing, curating and publishing media that will help pharma embrace the challenges of being a healthcare solutions provider in the 21st century.

Our services include:

  • Publication of interesting new written, audio and video content addressing critical pharma issues from around the world.
  • Showcasing key service providers who can work with pharma executives to forge the business models of the future.
  • Curation of global news, industry events and job opportunities within pharma.
  • Production of written, audio and video content for publication on pharmaphorum or client channels.
  • Advice and support on the use of social media within pharma to effectively connect companies, improve PR and share innovation

Conference Locate

Going To Meet


You Tube


Linked in


Partnering with Virtue Insight means more than making the right contacts. It means being an insider. It means being connected to the right people with the right level of influence, and it means you are allied with a globally respected organization and leaders in the industry.?

Sponsorship, exhibiting and advertising packages are designed to provide a solid platform to help you stand out and make an impact. Our programs allow you to achieve your marketing goals and deliver a maximum return on your investment. We have developed convenient and customizable packages to help your organization meet its objectives and reach your target market.

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  • Generating sales leads
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  • Facilitating quick market penetration
  • Reach important targeted commercial prospects face to face in a social, relaxed environment. The ideal platform to build strong business friendships Strengthen your market position

Our conferences offer not only a unique combination of benefits (as listed above) to enable the sponsor/exhibitor to communicate the message but also a major opportunity that other forms of selling or media cannot provide.

Contact Us Today

Email - sponsor.uk@virtueinsight.com
Tel: +44-2036120886

Email - sponsor@virtueinsight.com
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Our highly researched conference agenda delivers all the latest information and our world-class speakers attract delegates from around the world to attend. We aim for our attendees to be equipped with knowledge of latest developments and enable them to network with the industry key personnel.

What is the format of our conference programme?
The conference programme consists of world-class keynote addresses, case study presentations and panel discussions.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Meet your peers in an interactive, discussion-based format designed to maximize knowledge transfer and networking
  • Enjoy our informal networking at drinks and lunch
  • Meet the leading solution providers in the market to forge partnerships and discover solutions
  • Receive electronic versions of the conference documentation for use of reference post-event.
  • Get ideas for?training topics?that you might want to present as professional development sessions to others in your workplace.
  • Observe speakers from the perspective of seeing what works really well so you can learn new public speaking techniques and strategies that you can apply when doing your own presentations.
  • Learn what not to do in presentations if you end up sitting through any sessions that fail to be engaging or informative.
  • Delegates also benefit from discounted rates onfuture event attendance

For more information or to register at the event please contact us TODAY:

Contact Us Today

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Tel: +44-2036120886

Email - delegate@virtueinsight.com
Tel: +91 44 64536444

Introductory Offer (3 delegate places for the price of 2):- A huge saving of £1150 - (Limited seats left) - You can simply email or call and book your conference delegate seats on – TEL: +44 2036120886. Email – delegate.uk@virtueinsight.com 


Standard Registration:- Conference Delegate Pass (£1150 +VAT per delegate) – You can simply email or call and book your conference delegate seats on – TEL: +44 2036120886. Email – delegate.uk@virtueinsight.com 


Conference Sponsor & Exhibition Stall – Should you wish to Sponsor, or purchase a Exhibiton Stall (Booth) or a paid Speaker Slot, you can simply email your interest and queries to – TEL: +44 2036120886. Email – sponsor.uk@virtueinsight.com

Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel

Address: 354 Queenstown Rd, London SW8 4AE, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 20 7062 8000

Testimonials from our past Pharma AntiCounterfeiting & Serialisation Conferences



Great Storyline with the speakers. Everything was very relevant and interesting. Well organised – Manager, WCO IPM

It is the perfect place to be in order to catch up with all the relevant Information. Furthermore it was a good opportunity to spin a network of experienced people for any upcoming eventualities - Head of Global Packaging Management, Bayer Consumer Care AG

Very Informative - Senior Regulatory officer, Food And Drugs Authority, Ghana

Good Quality - Business Development Manager Prepress, Agfa Graphics NV

Relevant and Interesting - Specialist Clinical Pharmacist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Good platform to learn about what others are doing about the menace SSFFC medical products, Very Insightful program. Given me more exposure to the global efforts at fighting fake medicines - Regulatory Officer  ( Safe Disposal of Regulated Products), Food And Drugs Authority, Ghana

Very interactive and gave platform for information sharing, Very Interative - Head, Market Surveillance Unit, Food And Drugs Authority, Ghana

Good subject knowledge from all the presenters. Good meeting room environment and refreshments - Business Development Manager, Element Six  

Good Conference - Chief of Business Development, Applied DNA Sciences  

Well organised. Mainly good speakers, good lunch and good venue - Head Global Packaging Management, Bayer Consumer Care AG

An interesting conference, informative on both a personal and professional basis - Horus Security Consultancy, horus security

Foresight, great range of experience and views. Well worth attending - Community Pharamacist, royal pharmaceutical society

Very Informative - good range of topics covering regulatory, data protection and supplies of services. Excellent discussion and networking opportunities - Business Development Director, Selcia ltd

“Very interesting insights, all topics covered were relevant and useful to anti-counterfeiting efforts in pharma.” - Product Security Analyst, Novartis International

“It was very well prepared, and the selection of different angles of speciality speakers was very appropriate to addressed counterfeit pharmaceutical product strategy to be implemented to help industry challenge.” - President and CEO, Ropack

“The eclectic mix of speakers and delegates provided an excellent opportunity to build on existing knowledge and gain wider knowledge of the subject of pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting.” - CEO, QPQuandary

“The day was well attended by a wide range of industry representatives and resulted in informative and helpful discussion.” - Regional Investigations Director EMEA, Global Security, AstraZeneca Plc

DOWNLOAD 6th Annual Pharma AntiCounterfeiting and Serialisation 2017 - Final List of Attendees
DOWNLOAD Christian Lopez-Silva and James Whymark_Baker McKenzie
DOWNLOAD Clio Davies_Anaqua
DOWNLOAD Jean Marc Bobee_Former Sanofi
DOWNLOAD Johan Verhaeghe_Medicines for Europe
DOWNLOAD Katelen Perez TSeyen_World Customs Organization
DOWNLOAD Neil Lawrence_GSK
DOWNLOAD Richard P McDermott_Signakey
DOWNLOAD Stephen Truick_Internet Infrastructure Investigation
DOWNLOAD Steve Lubeski_Alexion Pharmaceuticals
DOWNLOAD Sultan Dajani_Royal Pharamaceutical Society

Conference pictures can be viewed and downloaded at our official Virtue Insight facebook page

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