Mobile Apps Summit 2012
Offering our customers the knowledge and connections for a profitable business
  • Prakash Sayini MobiDex360 Solutions

  • Sridhar T. Pai Tonse Telecom

  • Ram Jalan Getit

  • Zubin Jimmy Dubash Onward Mobility

  • Anuraj Gambhir Steadworks (Former Head Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

  • Midhu koshy Mahindra SSG

  • Viswanath Poosala Alcatel-Lucent

  • Udayan Banerjee NIIT Technologies

  • Mahesh Kolar Dell

  • Uttam Kumar Aircel

  • Sudeendra Koushik HCL Technologies

  • Pranay Mishra Nanotel

  • Vineet Durani Microsoft

  • Kingsley Wood Amazon Web Services (Singapore)

  • Jatin Thaker Oracle (San Francisco)

  • Harish Vaidyanathan Microsoft India

  • NK. Goyal Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council, Govt. of India

  • Pratapa Bernard Vodafone Group

  • N.S. Amarnath Samsung India Software Operations

27th July 2012, Taj Residency (M.G. Road), Bangalore, India

“An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape”

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The global mobile industry is witnessing volatile growth for last couple of years. Advancement of mobile technology, improved infrastructure and smart phone revolution has allowed people to perform much more with their mobile phones than ever before. This has resulted in an exponential demand and growth of mobile applications.

The mobile app market is thriving to great heights. More than hundreds of handsets are capable of installing and running apps and a swerve of big-name app stores are striving to compete. It is expected that the market for mobile applications will be "as big as the internet", peaking at 10 million apps in 2020.

Presently India having over 800+ million mobile connections and 50-150m mobile internet users it is evident mobile apps are becoming very popular. By 2015 India is expected to have 237 million mobile internet “activated” connections. Entrepreneurs are focusing a lot on mobile apps which are internet rather than SMS based. Mobile App Stats in India - 100 million apps being downloaded in India every month. The global app market was at $4.1 billion in 2009; set to hit $17.5 billion by the end of 2012. India’s app developer base is estimated at 250,000.

With world’s foremost brands recognizing the need of their presence in at least one of the top applications stores and the average mobile application per brand rising over 25 (for top 100 brands, 250 in case of media companies globally); the mobile applications market has took new role in defining the marketing strategy of businesses. This has opened up new horizons for already booming mobile applications market and provides faster acceleration for the market. Though these global brands do not look to make money directly with apps; however, the apps are adding up their brand equity. The surge in number of app stores and availability of multi-platform apps has also reshaping the future of the market. The excitement around mobile applications is going to have a major impact on our economy, and our way of life.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you all to the “Mobile Apps Summit 2012” and wish you all the very best.


  • Examining what type of innovative services to be offered for most appealing Indian customers.
  • Learn from the leading mobile operators, handset manufacturers, content providers and application developers in the Indian market
  • Channels to market, app stores and opportunities for partnerships
  • Understanding your customers behaviour in the mobile space as a starting point of strategy development
  • Analysing various revenue generating models like mobile games, location tracking, mobile banking, mobile advertising and their content security related issues
  • Design guidelines and best practices for making your application useful and usable
  • Examining the opportunities in cloud based Apps, the next big revenue driver in Asia
  • Native apps vs the mobile Web
  • Mastering the increasing amount of different platforms and devices
  • Overcoming the technical challenges associated with linking your app to existing infrastructure
  • The challenge of developing apps for multiple platform launches
  • Understanding how to work with external app developers to ensure successful app development and launch
  • Embracing mobile advertising and m-commerce as additional revenue streams
  • App monetization opportunities via new commercialization opportunities
  • What are the roles of vendors - who need to understand what features service providers need and tune them in the Indian environment.
  • What to expect from mobile cloud?
  • Examining the current regulation of mobile app market in India
  • Examining the worldwide trends in Mobile apps and the implications, lessons to be learned for India.
  • The future of mobile operating systems and frameworks
  • How is the future for the mobile apps industry: a vision for 2015
  • Be part of a major networking opportunity


CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, Vp’s, Directors, Brand Managers, Head & Senior Managers, Developers of:

  • Applications
  • Application Stores
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Services Innovations
  • Product Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Services
  • Entertainment
  • Devices
  • Mobile Content


  • Wireless & Fixed Operators
  • Cable MSO
  • ISP & MVNO’s
  • Satellite Operators
  • Handset Manufacturers
  • Platform Owners
  • Terminal & Platforms Vendors
  • OEM
  • Device Retailers
  • Entertainment
  • Creative Agencies
  • Social Media


Mobile Apps Summit 2012 is the place to meet all the key decision makers across the mobile Application eco-system from enterprises, telecom operators, regulators, government agencies, service providers, system integrators, Developers and vendors. This summit will provide great networking opportunities with industry leaders, presenting you with the opportunity to meet and do business with likeminded individuals.






























08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:20 – Morning Chair’s opening remarks

Sridhar T. Pai, CEO, Tonse Telecom 


09:30 – Morning Keynote Address 1: Global changes and its implications/opportunities in India

  • Determining companies mobility strategy
  • Developers must work closely with device manufacturers, operators, cloud providers and other such ecosystem players to ensure the success
  • What are the key drivers behind an App Store-centric model?
  • What are the prospects for apps as marketing tools and retail mechanisms?
  • How will mobile app usage and revenue develop through to 2015, and which categories of mobile application will generate the largest revenues?

Pratapa Bernard, Vice President  & Head - Center or Excellence, Data Services (Emerging Markets), Vodafone Group

10:10 – Official Launch of Nanotel tablet

Chief Guest NK. Goyal, President, Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMAI), Member Governing Council, Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council, Govt. of India

10:30 – Morning Keynote Address 2: New Era to Device Ecosystem in Telecom World

Pranay Mishra, CEO, Nanotel

11:00 – Morning coffee & Networking

11:20 – Panel discussion – Determining how operators and app developers can work together

In this fast-evolving space where competitive dynamics can shift the balance of power

  • An operators' perspective on market developments in mobile apps
  • What do app developers want and expect when partnering with an operator?
  • What APIs can the operator provide to ensure optimal integration for the app developer?
  • Understanding how operators can educate developers about the problems that apps can cause to the network in order to encourage them to build  network friendly apps
  • What are the strategies to monetize apps – monthly subscription, premium apps, and bundle deals with mobile broadband?
  • Forecasting the potential evolution in the application market and establishing how operators can exploit it

Moderator –

Sridhar T. Pai, CEO, Tonse Telecom 

Panelists – 

Vineet Durani, Director, Windows Phone Business Group at Microsoft

Uttam Kumar, Head New Technologies Innovation & Incubation IT, Aircel

Viswanath Poosala, Head of Bells Labs India, Alcatel-Lucent


12:00 – Leveraging Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing to deliver scalable, high traffic, cost efficient mobile websites and applications

Learn how highly successful mobile application developers have taken advantage of the tremendous innovations in cloud computing to handle unprecedented volumes of traffic, enormous user numbers and vast amounts of data, all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional approaches. Combined with new found agility and amazingly low time to market, these are must-know best practices and techniques in the rapidly evolving and highly competitive mobile app landscape.

Kingsley Wood, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services (Singapore)

12:30 – Networking luncheon / Networking / Exhibition Visit

Afternoon Chair person

Anuraj Gambhir, Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist, Steadworks (Former Head – Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)


14:00 – Developer & Devices panel discussion: Challenges of design, creation & distribution of multi-platform / cross platform apps across new-age devices

  • What makes a successful app?
  • What are the major challenges of designing /creating, distribution and monetising apps?
  • What support is needed from app stores, Operators & handset providers?
  • How can developers most successfully monetise their apps?
  • Transitioning Existinsg Solutions to Mobile Devices
  • How far do mobile apps need to be adapted for tablets? 
  • Should brand & content providers be looking at tablet specific apps?
  • Convergence – are we moving to a market where apps are portable across all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, TV?
  • Building great enterprise apps
  • What can we expect in the future of more immersive experiences

Moderator –

Anuraj Gambhir, Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist, Steadworks (Former Head – Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

Panelists –

Mahesh Kolar, Director – Mobility Solutions, Dell

Prakash Sayini, Founder and CEO, MobiDex360 Solutions

Zubin Jimmy Dubash, Chief Strategy Officer, Onward Mobility

14:40 – Design guidelines and best practices for making your application useful and usable

  • Understanding your user
  • Building the Design blocks (patterns)
  • Deriving Consistency
  • Single design foundation - multiple platforms
  • Validating with your user

Jatin Thaker, Director, User Experience, Oracle (San Francisco)

15:10 – Afternoon coffee & Networking

15:30 – "Enterprise Mobility - Challenges & Opportunities in India and the rest of Asia".

"While Enterprise Mobility is a hot topic, there are fundamental challenges that have to be overcome before we can address enterprise mobility at scale. These are challenges to do with telecom and networking infrastructure, enterprise IT infrastructure and readiness for mobility, ecosystem issues and security. On the flip side, these challenges also represent opportunities for building out rich, diverse businesses based on enterprise mobility."

N. S. Amarnath, Sr Vice President, Enterprise Solution, Samsung India Software Operations


16:10 – Panel Discussion: New methods of revenue generation techniques & future inventive measures for taking Mobile Apps Industry  in India to next level of growth.

  • Capitalizing on app stores & smart devices
  • Turn your apps users into your apps distributors
  • How to intercept the future of the app world
  • What preparations can help in this interception
  • What is the expected for consumer behavior in the future
  • What are the aspects driving the user behaviour which app developers should be aware of to be successful
  • What impact has life style has on the apps
  • What are the new kind of apps
  • What are the thresholds for app acceptance and adoption of future users
  • Evolution of traditional Mobile VAS to next generation VAS

Moderator –

Sudeendra Koushik, Practice Director, HCL Technologies

Panelists –

Udayan Banerjee, VP, NIIT Technologies

Harish Vaidyanathan, Director, DPE Enterprise team, Microsoft India

Ram Jalan, Head Products, Getit

Midhu koshy, Consultant Head Regional Operations (South), Mahindra SSG

16:50 – Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

Anuraj Gambhir, Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist, Steadworks (Former Head – Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

17:00 – 18:00 Networking Drinks Session

Prakash Sayini

Founder and CEO

MobiDex360 Solutions

Sridhar T. Pai


Tonse Telecom

Ram Jalan

Head Products


Zubin Jimmy Dubash

Chief Strategy Officer

Onward Mobility

Anuraj Gambhir

Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist

Steadworks (Former Head Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

Midhu koshy

Consultant Head Regional Operations (South)

Mahindra SSG

Viswanath Poosala

Head of Bells Labs India


Udayan Banerjee


NIIT Technologies

Mahesh Kolar

Director Mobility Solutions


Uttam Kumar

Head New Technologies Innovation & Incubation IT


Sudeendra Koushik

Practice Director

HCL Technologies

Pranay Mishra



Vineet Durani

Director, Windows Phone Business Group


Kingsley Wood

Business Development Manager

Amazon Web Services (Singapore)

Jatin Thaker

Director, User Experience

Oracle (San Francisco)

Harish Vaidyanathan

Director, DPE Enterprise team

Microsoft India

NK. Goyal

President, Communications & Manufacturing Association of India (CMAI), Member Governing Council

Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council, Govt. of India

Pratapa Bernard

Vice President & Head Center or Excellence, Data Services (Emerging Markets)

Vodafone Group

N.S. Amarnath

Sr Vice President, Enterprise Solution,

Samsung India Software Operations


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Adaptxt has been a product of extensive R&D based on user requirements and the quest to develop a globally accessible keyboard. Our Adaptxt keyboard is powered by Predictive Text2.0 which is designed to adapt to the users writing style; it allows the user to write more with minimal keystrokes. It provides highly accurate and relevant text prediction, error-correction & auto-correction inputs by combining the best of artificial intelligence and computing technology. Their impressive learning engine is designed to learn from Social networking websites, SMS and contacts as well.

Our Adaptxt Beta for Smartphones comes with exceptional features to improve your texting experience. The new features include:

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Impiger provides Mobility Strategy and Mobile application development services to enterprises for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Windows platforms.

It also offers HTML5 and hybrid solutions to businesses. Its enterprise app expertise includes web and native app interactivity, end-to-end SAP, ERP, CRM enterprise app integration; retail and consumer apps; voice recognition and utility apps; location aware and social media apps.

Mobile Solution for Telecom

In a scenario where Telecom Service Providers are constrained to send promotional SMS, Impiger Technologies has evolved a mobile app to enhance revenues and creatively handle U & R promotions. It overcomes the challenges with Can’t Ignore interests and has a variety of uses including Services Activation, Loyalty Promotions and Customer Feedback. Among other solutions are Dialer on Cloud, a nimble hosted dialer solution helps telemarketing teams improve productivity; and easyNgo, which is a Telecom Service & Content Delivery Platform running across global telecom majors including Vodafone, Maxis, Etisalat, Tata and Airtel.

It has offices in Chennai, India and Dallas, Texas.


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TechNex Technologies Private Limited is a fast growing web development, game development, enterprise mobility solution Provider Company. In this fast networking arena IT companies in India, Mobile development companies, game development companies are raising well. But they also outsource certain functionality like web development, game development, enterprise mobile apps development.

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Applications developed in multiple platforms and multiple categories. Wi-Fi based game servers, security apps, music apps, productivity apps to name a few, on platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberr

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What is the format of our conference programme?
The conference programme consists of world-class keynote addresses, case study presentations and panel discussions.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Meet your peers in an interactive, discussion-based format designed to maximize knowledge transfer and networking
  • Enjoy our informal networking at drinks and lunch
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Group Discounts - 2 or 3 Delegates - (INR 5,000 + Tax (12.36%) per delegate)


Group Discounts - 4 and above Delegates - (INR 4,000 + Tax (12.36%) per delegate)


Conference Sponsor & Exhibition Stall - Should you wish to Sponsor, or purchase a Exhibiton Stall (Booth) or a paid Speaker Slot, you can simply email your interest and queries to –TEL: + 91 44 64536444. Email -

We are pleasant to participate at Mobile Apps Summit 2012 organized by Virtue Insight. The conference goes fantastic and gave us opportunity to show our capabilities across the mobile application platform. We got fantastic response too from the delegates visited at our stall. We are very happy to participate in such event as a start-up company and that will give us open space to present our products.

Malhar Chaniyara
Founder, Tapify

For access to the presentations for this conference, please email us at

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