Smart Device and Content 2013
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  • Ravi Vyas

  • Prashant Singh Signals

  • Anil Prakash IPTV India Forum

  • Sanjay Diwan Consulting IN

  • Rahul Razdan WeChat

  • Sougata Mukherjea IBM

  • Vikas Sharma Neo Mobile

  • Ram Jalan Getit

  • Kall Ramanathan Port Indigo

  • Rakesh Mahajan GoBindas, (Former Vice President, Marketing - Head of VAS & Incubation, Bharti Airtel)

  • Anuraj Gambhir Steadworks (Former Head Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

  • N K Goyal CMAI Association of India

  • Satyen N Gupta Sterlite Technologies, (Former Chief Regulatory Advisor BT)

  • Sunil Kumar Nanotel Technologies (Florida-USA)

  • Ahteram Uddin Opera Software

  • Tarun Malik Microsoft

  • Jalaj Choudhri Reliance Communications

  • Ajay Gupta Ericsson

  • Aloknath De Samsung India Software Operations

19th March 2013, DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton(Mayur Vihar), New Delhi, India

“Attaining optimum user experience with smart devices and virtuous content”

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The Indian Smart device market is vibrant, with healthy competition and varied offerings in all segments of the market. The volume mix is also shifting towards the mid to high tiers as the replacement market starts to pick up steam. The Indian telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and India is projected to become the second largest telecom market globally.

India is the second largest mobile handset market in the world after China. The total number of mobile subscribers has hit a high of 771.18 million in India and reaching it to 1000 million by the year 2014. According to a research, the mobile handset market’s revenue is expected to rise from Rs 25,591 crore (Rs 255.91 billion) in 2010 to Rs 35,005 crore (Rs 350.05 billion) in 2016. Wireless Expertise expresses that by 2013 smartphone penetration will be approaching approximately 28-30% of the total mobile market in 2013.

The rate of smart device implementation has exceeded that of any consumer technology in history.  Compared to recent technologies, smart device adoption is being adopted 10X faster than that of the 80s PC revolution, 2X faster than that of 90s Internet Boom and 3X faster than that of recent social network adoption.  Five years into the smart device growth curve, expansion of this new technology is rapidly expanding beyond early adopter markets.

A complex handset value chain has transformed into an even more complex value web or ecosystem.  And there are continually new stakeholders being added to this. To understand the big picture, come to grips with the trends, learning from the future to get on the path to success the event will unfold many facets of this devices world including intersection points with adjacent and converging industries where innovation at the periphery has the potential to bring breakthroughs.

A high level meeting like Smart Device and Content 2013 will be very influential in building new benchmarks in the device technology. The seminar will help in strategizing a strong vision for smart device landscape in India, as it is an ideal stage between the key influencers and decision makers under one crown. The legendary industry professionals from across the world would share their knowledge. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to experience new revenue generating strategies and learn innovative business models. We are sure that Smart Device and content 2013 will bring thought leaders on one platform and spread the message.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you all to the Smart Device and Content 2013 and wish you all the very best.


  • Smart devices as a platform is thriving and several industry verticals are exploding
  • Why smart content players will own devices?
  • Smart devices, mobile Internet-based content shaping consumer electronics
  • Examining what type of innovative services to be offered for most appealing customers.
  • Update on market strategies to inspire user on using the advanced tablets.
  • Learn from the leading operators, handset manufacturers, content providers and application developers in the Indian market
  • How big a player is Open Source? What further implications can this opportunity drive?
  • What new solutions can enable empowerment for the masses from frugal/grassroot to more sophisticated mature solutions that are being brought on by digitization
  • Applications and Content are now the largest contributors for innovation and differentiation, how can we leverage the domain to become more effective
  • Operators run risk of becoming mere data ‘dumb’ pipes–Can they become ‘smart’ pipes to survive?
  • Consumer perception of what is “cool” & “desirable” is rarely connected to the operator brand – Internet companies capture the consumers mindshare
  • The Future of Mobile Operating Systems and Frameworks
  • Smart devices and the cloud: solutions and security concerns
  • What are the roles of vendors - who need to understand what features service providers need and tune them in the Indian environment.
  • Identifying the major expectations of handset manufacturers for introducing the innovative MVAS
  • Explore effective marketing strategies for upgrading customers from traditional devices
  • Examining the current regulation of smart device market in India
  • How is the future for the smart devices industry: a vision for 2015
  • Be part of a major networking opportunity


VPs, Directors, Head & Senior Managers of:

  • Device Management
  • Service & Product Innovation
  • Product Development
  • Applications
  • Application Stores
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Services Innovations
  • SIM Cards Platforms
  • Technology
  • Product Marketing
  • Terminal Management
  • Data Services


  • Wireless & Fixed Operators
  • Cable MSO
  • ISP & MVNO’s
  • Satellite Operators
  • Handset & Device Manufacturers
  • SIM Card Manufacturers
  • Terminal & Platforms Vendors
  • Aggregators & Systems Integrators
  • OEM
  • Device Retailers
  • Platform Owners
  • Terminal & Platforms Vendors
  • OEM
  • Device Retailers
  • Entertainment
  • Creative Agencies
  • Social Media


Here in this Smart Device and Content 2013 event numerous aspects of these smart devices, user friendliness and their sphere of applications will be discussed. This event thus warmly welcomes all the tablet makers, smart phone manufacturer, content providers and owners, software and OS providers to come and share this platform to get a first hand review from the very users who are using them over years. This is a perfect destination for perfect smart device with virtuous content lovers.

08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:20 – Morning Chair’s opening remarks

Sanjay Diwan, Founder, Consulting IN


09:30 – Morning Keynote Address 1: What make Smart Devices Smart?

  • Smart Device Mensa Club
  • Device Attractiveness driving Ecosystem Competition
  • Smartness = Smoothness in Use cases
  • Open Source and Communication Standards
  • Applications, Services and New Biz Models
  • User and Business Experience with Multimodal Interactions

Aloknath De, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Samsung India Software Operations

10:10 – Morning Keynote Address 2: The Rise and Rise of India as an Apponomy Super Power

  • Where are We
  • What enabled us
  • Who is pushing the Envelop?
  • Who is the Audience
  • Opportunity for Marketers

Ravi Vyas, Developer Advocate,

10:40 – Morning Coffee/Tea & Networking

11:00 – Panel Discussion: Mobile Network Operators - A Smart Facilitator

Network operators are not just a medium offering a duct to provide Internet to the smart devices. So with new approaches and few vital strategies can set the path of success to the Network operators.

  • Streamlining and safeguarding the relationship of Content Providers and Mobile Operators
  • Rapidly evolving consumer behaviours and key strategic elements
  • Exploding Content data traffic
  • Forecasting the potential evolution in the content market and establishing how operators can exploit it
  • Moving Forward - What are the products for better efficiency of spectrum and the ways to reduce cost structure?

Moderator –

Anil Prakash, Secretary General, ITU-APT Foundation of India, Secretary General, IPTV India Forum

Panelists –

Ajay Gupta, Vice President and Head of Strategy and Marketing, Ericsson

Vikas Sharma, Country Head - India, Neo Mobile

Jalaj Choudhri, Vice President, Network, Telemedia, Reliance Communications

Sanjay Diwan, Founder, Consulting IN


11:40 – Mobile App ecosystem - Where we currently stand & the future ahead

  • Mobile is not an option: It is THE WAY AHEAD
  • Mobile Ecosystems: Evolution overtime
  • Top consumer motivations
  • Drivers of growth

Rahul Razdan, Head of Tencent India, WeChat

12:10 – Understanding the 'Smart' user

  • Evolving mobile browsing habits
  • How to bring more people online
  • The next billion online users will be mobile first

Ahteram Uddin, Growth Director for South Asia, Opera Software

12:40 – Networking luncheon / Networking / Exhibition Visit

Afternoon Chair’s person

Rakesh Mahajan, CEO - GoBindas, (Former Vice President, Marketing - Head of VAS & Incubation, Bharti Airtel)


13:50 – Panel Discussion: Beyond Hardware - New Paradigms in Next-Gen Smart Devices enabled by software advancements

Through hardware innovations we have seen any thing is possible in the handheld devices, but for to deliver the type of user experience software innovations must keep in pace.

  • What’s holding back the mobile industry from the next breakthrough in smartphone design?
  • What are forward-thinking device manufacturers doing?
  • Is it right for the device manufacturers to grow revenue by transitioning to software-driven businesses?
  • Innovations in OS’s and applications - It’s the next great challenge faced by the mobile industry.
  • A major innovation that extends battery life could be a game changer
  • What more on the hardware side could be improved?

Moderator –

Anuraj Gambhir, Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist, Steadworks (Former Head – Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

Panelists –

Tarun Malik – Director, Product Marketing & Strategy, Microsoft

Sougata Mukherjea, Head of Telecom and Mobile Research, India Research Lab, IBM

Prashant Singh, Co-Founder, Signals

14:30 – Smart Devices Changing the Life Style

  • Connecting people and generating opinion building and social behavior.
  • Seamless Connectivity to all screens, TV, Computer-Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone
  • Broadband NFON and Digitizing Cable TV bridging missing link 
  • Low energy high efficiency smart devices

Anil Prakash, Secretary General, ITU-APT Foundation of India, Secretary General, IPTV India Forum

15:00 – Driving Revenue Through Tablet Ecosystem

Tablet sales and adoption are being driven by the demands of today’s mobile society.

  • How Tablet is going to change the device Ecosystem
  • How the Data Revenue can be driven
  • How Tablets can be used in Various Sectors of Education and Health care?
  • What are the key trends, forces, and developments impacting the global Tablet market?
  • Which vertical markets / sectors will be adopting Tablets? How will these markets evolve as a result of Tablet adoption?

Sunil Kumar, VP - Marketing, Nanotel Technologies (Florida-USA)

15:30 – Afternoon coffee & Networking


15:50 – Consumer Safety: Smart Device privacy and security

  • How users perceive the security and privacy of these devices?
  • How dominant are security threats on handsets?
  • Are there serious threats on privacy and personal data
  • Who should take responsibility for handset security?
  • As privacy considerations rapidly evolve, how do mobile operators best 
  • Position themselves as guarantors of consumer protection?
  • How can service providers work together to accelerate the development of   privacy, security and data interoperability standards

Kall Ramanathan, Chief Operating Officer & India Head, Port Indigo

16:20 – Panel Discussion: Exploring the Future of Smart device landscape

  • How can device-provisioning approaches be adapted to suit the needs of low-income segments in emerging markets?
  • Potential shifts in regulatory policy, will it be a barrier to market competitiveness?
  • The strategies that operators and technology companies take to push the adoption of rich media devices for different segments of customers
  • Open or proprietary mobile operating system will lead the market in coming years?
  • How can partnering models evolve to support the creation of new types of devices and applications?

Moderator –

Rakesh Mahajan, CEO - GoBindas, (Former Vice President, Marketing - Head of VAS & Incubation, Bharti Airtel)

Panelists –

Satyen N Gupta, Chief Corporate Affairs – Sterlite Technologies, (Former Chief Regulatory Advisor – BT)

N K Goyal, President, CMAI Association of India

Ram Jalan, Head – Products, Getit

17:00 – Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

Rakesh Mahajan, CEO - GoBindas, (Former Vice President, Marketing - Head of VAS & Incubation, Bharti Airtel)

17:10 – 18:00 Networking Drinks Session

Ravi Vyas

Developer Advocate

Prashant Singh



Anil Prakash

Secretary General, ITU-APT Foundation of India, Secretary General

IPTV India Forum

Sanjay Diwan


Consulting IN

Rahul Razdan

Head of Tencent India


Sougata Mukherjea

Head of Telecom and Mobile Research, India Research Lab


Vikas Sharma

Country Head - India

Neo Mobile

Ram Jalan

Head Products


Kall Ramanathan

Chief Operating Officer & India Head

Port Indigo

Rakesh Mahajan


GoBindas, (Former Vice President, Marketing - Head of VAS & Incubation, Bharti Airtel)

Anuraj Gambhir

Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist

Steadworks (Former Head Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

N K Goyal


CMAI Association of India

Satyen N Gupta

Chief Corporate Affairs

Sterlite Technologies, (Former Chief Regulatory Advisor BT)

Sunil Kumar

VP - Marketing

Nanotel Technologies (Florida-USA)

Ahteram Uddin

Growth Director for South Asia

Opera Software

Tarun Malik

Director, Product Marketing & Strategy


Jalaj Choudhri

Vice President, Network, Telemedia

Reliance Communications

Ajay Gupta

Vice President and Head of Strategy and Marketing


Aloknath De

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Samsung India Software Operations


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